Live Life Pain Free

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Revitalizing Massage

We all experience aches and pains, tightness and sore muscles from time to time. Research has shown that people treated with massage therapy often heal faster and have longer lasting results than using Rx and over the counter medications. Massage stimulates cellular healing and does not have any of the side effects

associated with drugs. 


Ronne works with an exceptional clientele who appreciate that good health is the basis for good living. They take care of themselves. They include massage as part of their regular wellness routine so they can enjoy an active, healthy, pain free life. Ronne has clients who have been with her for over 30 years.

The Healing Benefits of Heat

Heat enhances the effects of massage by improving circulation, promoting healing and relieving painful spasms. If you've ever felt your tension dissolve while soaking in a warm bath, taking a hot shower, or enjoying a jacuzzi then you've experienced the relaxing effects of heat. 

Heat helps constricted muscle fibers lengthen and become more flexible. When heat penetrates through the layers of tissue, the muscles soften in the same way butter softens when it's warm. When muscles are softer it's easier for the massage therapist to go deeper without causing pain. 

The Med-Stone Miracle Massage Tool

Ronne is known for the sublime sensitivity in her hands. She can feel even the smallest areas of tension and knows how to release the knots.


In addition to her hands, Ronne uses the Med-Stone™ Miracle Massage tool - a stoneware tool that is hand crafted from natural clay.


The stone is gently heated from within. Applying pressure with the stone allows the heat to penetrate deeply into the muscles. Pain and tension melt away. It's an experience like no other.



A revitalizing massage that
uses gentle heat to melt away even the most stubborn knots and muscle tension.


A revitalizing Med-Stone Massage with the addition of a blissful warm stone foot treatment to rebalance your whole body.


The ultimate experience. A revitalizing Med-Stone massage with the addition of a rebalancing foot treatment and a heavenly rose quartz facial massage. 

Yoga Practice

" Ronne is a skilled massage therapist with a depth of experience, training, and intuitive abilities that are exceptional. She is the gold standard by which I measure all other massage therapists."


" The massage was so effortlessly and painlessly deep that I was taken to a whole new level of relaxation. And the effects of the massage lasted longer than any other massage I have ever had."  




Live Life Pain Free